dev-logoA few projects are now in production for HBO. Three of them were already featured in “HBO’s Yearender 2012” promo after the words “Coming in 2013. “ The other piece is on a fast track to get something shot. Here is HBOWatch’s observant eye of what’s upcoming on HBO. At this point, however, there are no concrete air dates for any of these works. But, HBOWatch can assure you they are coming soon.


  • James Gandolfini is before the cameras with CRIMINAL JUSTICE

GandolfiniJames Gandolfini, of THE SOPRANOS, has been spotted shooting a pilot episode of CRIMINAL JUSTICE in New York City, NY. I reported for HBOWatch in depth on this project with this post.

This potential series hinges on whether or not the ‘powers that be’ like what they see and foresee a series that will fit in HBO’s schedule. Of course, we would all like to see James return with a series. He has a good chance with this one since it is already based on a BBC series of the same name.

Here is that proof, though a bit boring, that James Gandolfini is working. Again, he will play an attorney who trolls NYC police precincts for desperate clients. If all goes well we will see this series late in 2013.

  • Christopher Guest’s docu-style comedy FAMILY TREE and HELLO LADIES by Stephen Merchant coming soon.Family_tree

Did you catch the frames in the year end promo from FAMILY TREE and HELLO LADIES? It starts at 1:58 and gives us glimpses of the leading men for both shows. Both works had been put on the fast-track earlier this year as HBOWatch as already reported. The recent advertising says they are “Coming in 2013” but when they will actually air is unclear.

This Editor held a conversation with the Editor-in-Chief speculating how the schedule for the First Quarter of 2013 may line up and just where these series might fit in that schedule. First, both series are clearly not premiering in January along with the return of GIRLS and ENLIGHTENED: they would be in heavy promotion right now if they were.

Season Two of both Lena Dunham’s and Laura Dern’s shows will go into February and, if my prediction holds true, PARADE’S END will finally air that month as well. That takes us into March and we all know all eyes will be on GAME OF THRONES then. Would FAMILY TREE and HELLO LADIES, two half-hour comedies, fit well before the George R. R. Martin epic or not? Or will VICE, another show advertised as coming soon, air as a companion piece Merchant_HelloLto GAME OF THRONES instead? Another option for HBO is to once again air original series on Monday night as well. Then, these two comedies will have a night of their own. Plus, there is the award-winning VEEP to appear somewhere on the schedule.

All is up in the air as HBO plays close to the vest on some of its announcements. As we turn the calendar page into a new year the schedule will flesh out better. For now, we ponder what’s ahead. Here is hoping that FAMILY TREE and HELLO LADIES fit nicely and garner viewership wherever they land on the schedule.


  • Louis C. K. returns to HBO.

He is no stranger to the channel. Louis C. K. has had two previous stand-up routines, 2005’s ONE NIGHT STAND: LOUIS C. K. and 2007’s LOUIS C. K.: Louis_CKSHAMELESS. He was also a writer for THE CHRIS ROCK SHOW and had a one season run of a series entitled   LUCKY LOUIE that appeared in 2010. Now, another comedy stint is soon to film and air.

The one-hour special will be taped at one of the stops on C.K.’s current tour, and will be directed by the comedian. Michael Lombardo, president of HBO Programming, said in a statement- “I’m delighted to welcome the gifted Louis C.K. back to HBO. This comic genius remains one of the freshest voices on the scene, and HBO is proud to provide an uncensored forum for his provocative humor.” Sadly, his current work “Louie” airs on FX instead of HBO. We will watch for the comedy special coming soon to the channel.

That is HBOWatch’s In Production news for now. What do you think about what is ahead in 2013?


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