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BALLERS, the Dwayne Johnson sports-themed comedy we have been tracking for a while offers up a look or two. Despite the fact that we know little about the show with no promo or tease yet we do know that it is in production. We first caught track of the project back on 06.07.13; on 11.14.13 we mentioned the title and some casting news; and on 02.14.14 HBO gave it a series order. Confirmation of start-up was announced in November of 2014. The only video glimpse has been in the 2014 YearEnder clip. Now evidence of the series in full production is becoming more evident. Maybe a Tease or Trailer is going to surface in April? 

As late as 03.03.15 the show was in front of the cameras. The site for the Florida Atlantic University reports that the Tom Oxley Athletic Center has been converted into a Dolphin’s facility for the shoot.


The pictures above include Johnson with Anabelle Acosta, the male cast of BALLERS and The Rock reporting to set. The series focuses on a series of sports figures from different perspectives of the business. The cast includes Johnson as a retired athlete, thus the older Dolphins garb in the picture above, Omar Benson Miller as a pro player looking for a career change, John David Washington as a highly competitive current baller, Rob Corddry as a financial advisor to the players, Troy Garity as a sports agent and Taylor Cole as an ESPN sideline reporter. They are just some of the cast in this “ENTOURAGE of Sports” comedy from the producing team of the Adrian Grenier show, including Mark Wahlberg and Steve Levinson. 

Some sites have been reporting that BALLERS comes to HBO in June or July as a summer series, but neither HBO’s official site nor HBO’s Media Relations site have any confirmation or mention of the show at all. We guess it will be ready when it’s ready. We should all keep a lookout for some promotional advertising soon.

(additional source: UPROXX)

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