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If the Shoe Fits: A Sex and the City Look at SJP’s New Nordstrom Line

by Julie Novak
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“I’m someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love”

And I’m someone looking for shoes! Beautiful shoes. Sophisticated, colorful, can’t-live-without-each-other shoes. Sarah Jessica Parker launched her collection SJP exclusively to Nordstrom a couple weeks ago and with it, she is realizing a dream that Carrie Bradshaw herself would perhaps never dared to hope for. Not only has she had a hand in designing this line of lovely heels, but it has been created in partnership with the CEO of Manolo Blahnik, George Malkemus. The colorful footwear is complimented by a demure line of handbags in neutral tones and a savvy trench coat in navy and khaki; the whole collection is delightful. In the past few weeks, Sarah Jessica Parker has been making in store appearances in Nordstrom’s across the country, signing her shoes and meeting her fans. Having attended the event in Seattle, let me tell you it was an estrogen filled mad house. But then, there she was, her tiny, effervescent self and it was all worth it.


But the real question is how would this collection be received by Ms. Bradshaw herself?

I can’t help but review these darling shoes with the muses of Sex and the City on my mind. As I perused the shelves of Nordstrom I found myself pointing to different pairs and muttering to myself, “Oh Samantha could rock those” or, “Miranda would think that’s a ridiculous shoe, but she would buy two of those”. I started enjoying this more than actually shopping for myself because it’s been ten years since these ladies have weekly graced our screens with their own opinions. So here it is, in my humble opinion, what Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte would say if they could see what SJP has brought to life.



Sam is brave and isn’t afraid to be at a fore-front of a trend. She has money to burn and has firmly established herself as a power player in the Manhattan PR world. Like Miranda, she has made a name for herself in a man’s world and is intimidated by nothing, not even a tiny penis.  By refusing to settle in either her career or her love life she remains a free spirit and is sexually unencumbered. Do they make shoes that say this?


I believe they do and it’s the SJP Alison Bootie. This shoe is urban, on trend, and is not stifled by the rules of fashion or titles. It’s an open toed, laced up, stiletto bootie and it is fabulous. Samantha and Alison were made for each other.



Miranda and Samantha appear to be the only two women who actually work for their lavish lifestyle on SATC and it is important that her shoe represents the kind of unyielding, powerful, lawyer she has become. She’s the kind of woman that has a baby as a single mother and makes partner in her firm. Miranda may take her heels off when she hits the subway for the trek back to Brooklyn, but you can bet in court her feet make just as much of a statement as her words. Okay, maybe not quite as much of a statement, but they cannot be silenced. Just like her.


Miranda belongs in a pair of unapologetic but classic pumps like the SJP ‘Fawn’Pump. I see her more in the leather than the nude, but we all know Miranda is practical enough to buy her favorite shoe in a couple colors.



Sex and the City’s little darling is ready for her turn! Charlotte is the picture of innocence and hope. She wants so badly to be a wife and mother and if things hadn’t worked out with her and Harry I may have stopped watching the show all together (Okay, that’s probably a lie). However, for all of Charlotte’s doe-eyed innocence, it seems she’s dated a good half of Manhattan herself in order to find Mr. Right. Along the way she married Mr. Impotent and slept with Mr. Gardner in her departure of marriage, but she eventually found Mr. Jewish Lawyer and the love of her life. Charlotte is girly but classic; she is Chanel, not Dolce & Gabanna. So what shoe do we put her in?


Don’t worry Charlotte, you get your “happily ever after” and all the challenges that go along with it. And you’ll tread it through with grace and style in your ‘Ina’ Pumps in Coral. These shoes say I’m feminine, but I’m serious; I’m Charlotte.



This is the real challenge right? What shoe does the woman who adores footwear above all fashion select, especially from herself? Sarah Jessica Parker actually named one of the shoes ‘Carrie’


The Manolo Blahnik influence is most obvious here and it is a beautiful shoe, one that I’m sure any of my girls from SATC would be happy to wear. But this is not the shoe that whispers Carrie to me. This is not the shoe that radiates free spirit, hot mess, poetic words, and mania. This is the shoe that represents what Carrie wanted Big to see in the first couple seasons, but it isn’t who she is. The shoe that actually brings a smile to my lips and reminds me of a woman daring enough to wear a tutu on the streets of NYC is “Maud”.


Yes, the ‘Maud’ Sandal compliments the tutu, the parties, the boyfriends, the shopping, the soul searching, and even the trip to Paris. Maud is the real Carrie of the collection.

I think over all Carrie Bradshaw and the gals would be quite impressed with the labors of Sarah Jessica Parker. But what do you think? Did I get it right? Which shoes belong to which gal and which ones are your favorites?

SJP’s Nordstrom tour is all but over but you can still enter a contest to win a $2500 shoe wardrobe until next week so give that a look!

Julie Novak is a gal who loves to read, travel, listen to bad pop music, do crafts that don’t make her feel inept, watch TV, and partake in just the right amount of celebrity gossip.  She currently lives just north of Seattle with her husband and crazy Siamese cats.  For more of her writings on fashion and pop culture be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook and check out her blog, NovaPopp!

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Eleonora Iafano March 10, 2014 - 8:39 pm

I love shoes! What a great coup for SJP! Carrie Bradshaw would definitely approve! Too bad SJP wasn’t doing a meet and greet in Toronto!


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