Hurricane Devastates Atlantic City’s Boardwalk

The creators of Boardwalk Empire have gone to extreme measures over the past few years to painstakingly recreate the prohibition-era world of Atlantic City, New Jersey. This weekend, hurricane Sandy wreaked devastation across much of New England’s Megalopolis but one of the places hardest hit was the Boardwalk of Atlantic City.

Iconic buildings have been destroyed beyond repair and officials are still assessing the damages to the structural integrity the boardwalk itself.

Atlantic City will look very different tomorrow and the next few days than it did yesterday and the day before. This is just a major situation, major damage,” Dr. Alan Blumberg, Stevens Institute of Technology oceanographer, told ABC News.

While HBO Watch is not affiliated with HBO or the production of the show we’re sure that the writers, actors and show runners of Boardwalk Empire who have become so emotionally connected with the iconic city would readily extend their prayers and best wishes to the families and first-responders affected by the storm. There have even been calls for a petition to ask HBO itself for help.

Here at HBOWatch, we sincerely hope that when the tides recede and the winds let up that the devastation can be mitigated and life can get back to normal in New Jersey. The loss of life, treasure and memories may never properly heal but the history and character of this fascinating American city will live on in shows like Boardwalk Empire.

To the lost.

UPDATE:  We’ll be posting photos of the damage from around the web.  If you’re able to snap a photo or you find one elsewhere please leave a comment below (we allow for user photo publishing in the comment section).

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