“From the producers of Game of Thrones…” — full stop — Do you need anymore convincing to try watching HBO’s Confederate? It chronicles the events leading up to the 3rd American Civil War. Oh, you don’t remember that? That’s because this is an alternate timeline where the Confederate states successfully succeeded in the American Civil War (the ones fighting for state’s rights/slavery against Abraham Lincoln for those non Americans out there). Slavery remains legal and has evolved into something modern. Wow, this sounds disturbing but amazing. Only HBO could get a show like Confederate streaming.

Watch Confederate Live Online with AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW is a service like cable, only without the huge bills and set top box rental fees. You just need an internet connection and for under forty bucks you’ll get basically a huge cable package where you can add HBO for only five bucks more (or free for AT&T Unlimited Customers!). It’s a great deal and they have a seven day free trial so be sure to give it a go. You’ll be watching Confederate online in no time.

Try AT&T TV NOW Free for 7 Days

Streaming Confederate Online with HBO Go & HBO Now

The difference between HBO Go and Now is small but important. You can watch Confederate online with both of them but GO is for those of you with cable subscriptions and HBO. A traditional way to watch Confederate, Game of Thrones and even Thursday Night Football. HBO Go is “stand-alone” which means you don’t need anything more than an internet connection to be an HBO subscriber. It’s $15 and there’s a 30 day free trial so you can essentially stream all of Confederate for free from your desktop for no cost all month.

Try SlingTV for a Cheaper Confederate Streaming Option

Sling is a lot like AT&T TV NOW (and they were first!) but it’s actually cheaper overall. Even when you include HBO with access to live Confederate streamings you’ll still save five or ten bucks over DTVN. But you’ll have to check out their entire channel lineup to decide which package works better for you. They have a week long trial too so give them a try as well.

Try Sling Free for 7 Days

Avoid Pirating Confederate Online

Not only is it against the law in most countries to dowload full episodes of Confederate without paying for them, you’re also damaging the artists and workers who put this creation together. We can’t have nice things if we refuse to pay for them. Support Confederate and her creators by choosing one of the legal streaming options above to watch online.