You wanna fight? Of course, you don’t. You just want to watch HBO’s premiere boxing matches online or from the comfort of your own favorite streaming platform.  Well, we’ve got some information for you– some of it good, some of it bad.  Here are your options for streaming HBO Boxing online.

Is HBO Boxing Available Live and Streaming on HBO Now?

So you’ve got your shiny new HBO Now account and you think you’re going to get a front row seat to the Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight live, right? Sorry, HBO Now does not feature live Pay-Per-View boxing matches via the app. This has always been the case since HBO Now launched in 2015. HBO Now is not your solution for streaming an HBO Boxing match live.

Try DirecTV Now for Free and Add HBO for $5

This is actually the cheapest way to get HBO online that we know of. You subscribe to DirecTV’s new service for about $35 which gives you tons of channels (almost all cable channels you could think of) and then for $5 more you can add HBO. Usually it’s about $15 anywhere else.  Give it a shot!  There’s a 7-Day free trial so it can’t hurt to give it a try.

UPDATE: DIRECTV NOW is offering a $25 per month discount on the service for anyone who has AT&T Unlimited (AT&T is the parent company of DIRECTV. They’re also throwing in HBO for free which is pretty amazing. This is the best deal in town, folks.

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Watch Some Live HBO Boxing with Sling Premium

Sling is a cable alternative that doesn’t require much more than $20 a month to get most of your favorite channels. This doesn’t include HBO, though and you’ll have to add $15 to that if you want to watch Boxing live that way. Also, not all boxing, including some major title fights are on HBO proper. They cost extra per fight. Go figure!

You can sign up or explore the service more here.  There’s a 7-Day free trial so this might be a nice alternative if you just want to give it a chance.

Try Sling with HBO Free for 7 Days

What about HBO Go for streaming Boxing?

Sort of.  About a week after the fights HBO will put them onto HBO Go (and presumably HBO Now) so you’ll have some access there at some point.  Not the same at all, right? Unless you’re living under a rock for a week you probably won’t be able to avoid the winner of the #MayPac fight for that long.  But, technically this is one option for streaming the match online.


Pay Per View– The Old Fashioned Way

Really the only way to watch HBO Boxing (especially the huge matches) is to pay for the fights via a normal cable provider.  You can do that online with most cable packages.  Here is DISH Network’s page for ordering, here’s instructions from Comcast.  Most set-top boxes allow you to stream right from your couch with a click of a button.  You’ll see the cost on your next bill.  They can be anywhere from 20 bucks to 100 if you’re talking about two boxing champions or a title fight.

Other, more Nefarious streaming sites

HBO and Showtime have recently teamed up to crack down on sites like and Both of these sites have since taken down their live streams but there are probably (absolutely) more avenues to finding these fights online without having to pay.  You’ll probably have to wade through some sketchy ads and some malware– you’ll also technically be breaking the law– but you can do those searches yourself if you’d like.

We cannot condone this option because we’re big fans of HBO and her programming.  If you love the network, Game of Thrones or Boxing as a sport you’ll pay for the fights.

We hope in the future there are better options for streaming HBO Boxing online but until then, the above are your