There has never been a premium western series quite like Deadwood (okay, maybe Westworld contends)in the history of television. The raw, gritty realistic version of Deadwood, South Dakota in the 1870’s. Not only are the performances top notch, the sets and production value were so large that the extravagance was, at least in part, a contributing factor to the show’s cancellation by HBO.

There are several different ways to stream Deadwood, and the Deadwood Movie online. Below are the legal Deadwood streaming options available.

Watch Deadwood Online with a $5 HBO Subscription via DIRECTV NOW

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to watch HBO and Deadwood online this is it. DIRECTV NOW is an alternative to cable where you get all the same channels like ESPN, NBC and Comedy Central but you can add HBO for $5 instead of the normal 15 or 20 it usually costs to add on to cable. Not a bad deal considering they have a seven day free trial and packages start at $35 or less for some AT&T subscribers. Give it a try:

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Streaming Deadwood Online with HBO Go or HBO Now

If you’re a true cord cutter and want to have all of your streaming services as separate bills then HBO Now is for you. There is no contract or commitment (but the same is true of Sling and DIRECTV NOW) and you’ll get access to ALL of HBO’s current content and almost all of their historical library. Deadwood is, of course, included so you can stream it all day long.

Watch Deadwood without Cable Using Sling TV

Sling is another service a lot like DIRECTV NOW where you get access to all of the cable channels you’d ever want plus you can add HBO for an additional fee. The good news is, Sling starts out at $25 for much the same channel lineup as DIRECTV NOW. So you’ll have room to add HBO and Deadwood to that streaming package at that point. They have a seven day free trial so check that out first since there’s no risk.

Try Sling Free for 7 Days

Downloading Full Episodes of Deadwood in HD

If you’re more of a collector type and want to add Deadwood to your streaming library you can always hit up a site like Amazon which has episodes for a few bucks. It’s even included in your Amazon Prime membership as well so consider getting Deadwood streaming for free that way if Prime interests you. there’s a 30 day trial there also.

Watch HBO with Prime

Have another way to watch Deadwood online? We’ll update this page with the latest methods and deals.