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His Dark Materials S2 Episodes: “The Scholar,” “Malice” & the Finale “Aesahaettr”

by Orr Ben-Asuli
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The second season of His Dark Materials ended with a ZBNG! 


Amazing episodes! 

The last few episodes of season 2 contained some major revelations, unfortunate deaths and many twists and turns. The story marched forwards towards the endgame and now we finally begin to see the bigger picture of things we were hinted about long ago. There was probably more action in these three episodes that in the two seasons combined! Not really, but there was certainly a lot of it. But action is not all of course. As I mentioned before, these episodes contained some strong drama scenes that explores the characters of Lyra, Martha, Mrs. Coulter and Will in amazing and meaningful ways.

The show saw a huge improvement in the technical part in this season, and it was surely noticeable in the last few episodes. CGI of the Spectors was amazing, and all the special effects and animations involved in the action sequences was top notch. Lorne Balfe’s music kept being Debuessy-levels and the direction was amazing as well, so as the writing. Amazing show indeed, worthy of the HBO mark.

O’ what a terrible fate lied for Boreal. His death was quite expected though, dealing with a cunning individual such as Coulter, he should have known better. Thinking that they’re equal… No one’s equal to Mrs. Coulter, in Mrs. Coulter’s eyes. Saying so will only get her pissed. And we know her when pissed. Speaking of pissed – she finally SCREAMED! In Episode 7! I’ve been waiting for an entire season! Quite chilling, indeed.


The reunion of Will and his Father was a great emotional scene that ended quite abruptly with John Perry’s untimely death. But it wasn’t before they got to speak the real talk about life, purpose, and Will’s mom. It’ll be different without Andrew Scott, feels like he glued the show together, even though his total screen time was like 20 minutes.

Speaking of glue! How about that death of Scoresby, huh? Shocking as hell. I’m mad at Pekkala. She’s a teleporting witch and yet she couldn’t be there on time to save Lee?? Lee is the hero of the show, no doubt. And he couldn’t even meet up with Lyra before dying. Repentance is due for Pekkala for sure. With Scoresby gone, at least the final montage of the episode gave us some hope.  It was also amazing to finally see James McAvoy, as Asriel, once more. His appearance was long overdue. Who was he talking to though?


It was surprising though, because I thought we’ll get this big showdown in the end where everybody meet up. But no, it’s like they all died and Coulter took Lyra, which was a very surprising turn of events. Is Coulter bad? Good? Bad-turned-better? I mean, who’s side is she on, really? Should we trust her? Should Lyra? Lot’s of questions, a year to go until we get any answers.


These episodes included some very unfortunate conclusions for characters, most importantly the demise of Martha-B. It got us wondering- what will the Scholar’s role be in all of this? What will happen to Lyra now that she is in Coulter’s hands. We were extremely sad to hear the next season of the show, it’s third season, is going to be it’s last. It seems that for show like these it’s best to have more seasons, to let people really get into the universe and understand the lore. However, this surely mean season 3 will be action packed and will bring the story to an amazing conclusion. Personally, I can’t wait! How long will we have to wait, though? The great war is approaching, and the power balance seems to be against our fellas. With Mrs. Coulter shaping up to be an undefeatable force, that can even control the Spectors, and with the almighty power of the Magisterium behind her, seems like it’s going to be harsh fight. Stay tuned! 

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