Herman Cain to Appear on HBO w/ Bill Maher

Bill-Maher-Herman-cain-whos-your-daddy-300x214Just one day after we were graced with the official guest list for Friday night’s season premiere of Real Time with Bill Maher HBO has revealed that presidential candidate Herman Cain will be an interview guest tomorrow night. Maher has, in the past been very critical of all of the republican primary hopefuls including Cain.

It is unclear whether or not Cain will stay for the panel discussion or simply be an interview guest at the beginning of the show via satellite as is common for guests on Real Time.  Other guests include commentator David Frum, director Rob Reiner and Fla. Rep.Debbie Wasserman Schultz; documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi is an interview guest.

Tune in at 10PM this Friday night to hear what Bill has to say about the past few weeks that he’s been off the air.  With a guest list like this it should be thoroughly entertaining!

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