HBOWatch’s Web Gem Wednesday – June 27


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I’m mixing it up this week with some web gems from HBO shows other than Game of Thrones. Don’t worry though, there are still a few of those as well. Honestly, there’s a never-ending sea of ‘Thrones related material out there. So, it’s kind of hard to not add at least one. Anyways, first up as usua are the videos I found for this week:

Anchor Gets Bored and Starts to Ramble About TrueBlood

On June 14, the host of the Fox News show Studio B, Shepard Smith, seemed to have vampires on the brain while discussing the latest doping allegation against Lance Armstrong. Apparently, Shep Smith was  unimpressed with the story and would rather have been talking blood and not bicycles. At one point during the interview, he actually tells his guest “I wonder if Lance Armstrong is on V”. Pretty funny stuff.

Lena Dunham and Girls staff writer Lesley Arfin Share Some of Their Interests in Music, Movies, and TV

Game of Thrones Direwolf Mashup

Via the Huffington Post, this is a supercut video that includes all the scenes with the direwolves.

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Pets of Thrones

I don’t know why, but I find this really funny. The Arya mouse and Khal Drogo horse have to be my two favorites.



Game of Thrones Soap

Right when it seemed like fans couldn’t possibly be any more creative in developing Thrones merchandise, the website is now selling it’s own line of Game of Thrones inspired organic soaps. I kid you not, here’s the product description from the website:


This Sampler Bag contains (6) 2 oz. guest bars of soaps that were inspired by the fabulous fantasy world of Game of Thrones!

Soaps included in the sampler are the following:

Arryn: Nag Champa, Gently Exfoliating Black Walnut Powder, & Shea Butter

Kings Landing: Sandalwood, Warm Vanilla, Soy, & Shea Butter

Lannister: Rosemary, Green Tea, Soy, & Shea Butter

Riverlands: Spicy Clove, Gently Exfoliating Ground Clove, Redwood, Cedarwood, & Shea Butter

Sansa: Cedarwood, Fresh Orange, Black Walnut, & Shea Butter

Winterfell: Icy Fir Timber, Green Tea, & Shea Butter

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