HBOWatch Movie Review: “BREAKING IN”

The Saturday night movie of the week (Saturday, February 23) is Breaking In, and here are all the reasons you should clear your calendar and enjoy!


Gabrielle Union stars as the mom (Shaun Russell) who is tasked with breaking into her deceased father’s house after criminals make their way into his high tech house. While we aren’t really sure the nature of her father’s interaction with the criminals in question, one thing that’s clear is that they want the money that’s hidden in the house. Sadly for Union and her kids, they’re mere casualties in a bigger scheme. The plot is easy to follow, with enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Like any parent in the situation, Gabrielle’s character fights and never gives up. Her kids, played by Ajino Alexus (Jasmine Russell) and Seth Banee Carr (Glover Russell) shine in the movie too. They’re able to maneuver and use their generational knowledge to help their own mom win the battle. Whether it’s sneaking through the ventilation system or using drones, the crooks broke into the wrong house. 

Whether you’ve seen Gabrielle in Bring it On or Being Mary Jane, one thing you should know is that she never misses a beat. She does an excellent job in the movie this week. She captures a mom who will stop at nothing to save her family brilliantly. Even when you think the odds are against her, she pulls through. While you can probably imagine how things will turn out, I suggest enjoying the journey, thrills, and unsuspecting moments anyway. Breaking In is worth it.

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