HBOWatch Gift Giving Guide


Christmas is Coming, or should we say that the hectic, stressful season of gift shopping has descended upon us and with it, all those hours of trying to decide which gift to give to whom and how much money to spend. Well, how about taking the easy route and ditching the actual process of going to the mall and waiting in line, or circling around the parking lot for a good spot and sit in the comfort of your own home to do online shopping. 

Now, being a big fan of HBO and knowing many of other people that are too, what to give the Game of Thrones, The Leftovers or Ballers fan? Lots of selection out there – there are Funko Pop Figures; T-shirts, Hoodies, sweaters (all a fan has to do is Google Game of Thrones sweaters or hoodies and a ton of websites come up, where you can place an order for whatever House you like); there are several brands of beer for the Game of Thrones fans in your life (just go to Ommegang Brewery in New York); or go to the tried and true websites that contain a whole variety of stuff: the HBO Store is a great place to start. It is not too late if you hit now! 

Here is a sampling: 

Hold The Door HODOR Hoodie
Vice Principal Paddles


Girls Shoshanna Pint Glass
The Leftovers Paperback Edition
Sesame Street Rug/Blanket


VEEP Season 4 Blu-Ray










Yes, that’s right you can get Vice Principals paddles!

From the classic shows you can find items like the following:

Boardwalk Empire Shotglass
Six Feet Under Complete Series DVD Set











True Blood Fangtasia Martini Glass & Shaker

Well, you get the idea. Again you can hit other sites as well for your favorite shows.

Gift10There are all kinds of Christmas ornaments, USB sticks, coffee mugs, pillows, sleeping bags, etc. for any fan out there. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how big your gift giving list is. Gift cards are also another option to give – that way, you can give a gift and the person on the receiving end can purchase whatever they like. It’s a win-win situation.

With the huge success of Westworld, I’m sure that there’s got to be some Funko Pop Figures in the making, as well as playing cards, coffee mugs, posters, etc. I’m sure that black cowboy hats may be a thing to purchase, given that Ed Harris’ character has now become a very popular though somewhat controversial figure in the series. Who knows, perhaps fans will be in the mood to shop for anything that is remotely related to the Western genre (think cowboy boots and belts, cowboy hats, bandanas, holsters and belts).

Gift11Seeing as how The Leftovers will be debuting in April 2017, fans may also want to purchase the series on DVD – regular format or Blu-Ray. In fact, purchasing any of the amazing HBO series on DVD always seems to be a safe bet.

If any fan likes to take their chances at showcasing their knowledge of HBO series, if you can find any board games, such as Monopoly or Clue (a la Game of Thrones, Westworld or True Blood), that would be a worthy purchase. Those kinds of board games never go out of style. Still waiting for a Game of Thrones Trivial Pursuit edition to be created and released. I have a feeling that will be released when GRRM releases “The Winds of Winter” – and who knows when that will be. Oh well, there is always next year!

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