Examining the True Detective Finale Preview: “Form & Void”

One more penultimate episode to go in Season One! Rust Cohle and Martin Hart’s endgame is about to play out. As is speculated over and over, is it literally the endgame for one or both of them? We do not have time or space to go back over episode by episode and revisit all the clues that were right in front of our faces. Right now, all we have is the preview for the eighth and final episode. Let’s watch it again and mull over some thoughts, shall we?

The promo finds us heading deep down the Creole Nature Trail to some dilapidated buildings. Have we finally found Carcosa? A voice-over that we can’t place states –

“It’s been weeks since I left my mark; would that they had eyes to see.”


A man with scars looms over a strapped down victim. Are our detectives going to arrive just before another ritual takes place? Perhaps not as sacrifices have been female and children and this poor soul is male. A moment later our locale has been confirmed with

“This is Carcosa. Take off your mask.”


Who is this voice? The Yellow King and who is he talking to? The clip mostly shows Rust & Marty lurking around guns drawn. Marty has a look of shocked awe on his face and is Rust looking up at that beam of light? Then the words of the frightened woman haunt us.

“He’s gonna come for you. He’s worse than anybody.”


Ah, the killer, the Yellow King is near, but is he one and the same? Then the shit hits the fan it seems. That is Steve in the crosshairs; Rust signaling; and Rust’s boss at the other end of the rifle. And Hart, in his hot-headed style, is ready to take out the frightened woman. Maybe she should start talking? Cop cars are also about as we perceive that they are swarming the area. It is all about to go down!

AND THEN THERE IS THE GLARING OMISSION! Did you spot it? Where is Gilbough? At the end of episode #7 he tells his partner as they travel down the road and end up getting directions from the Lawnmower Man that, in a sense,”there was no church down this way…nothing!” Then in our preview, even when his partner Papania is talking to Marty at the diner, Gilbough is not present. And while we are on that image Hart still denies knowing anything to Papania there, not that it matters evidently because the 2012 police show up at the endgame anyway. And note, Gilbough is not present at the end of the clip either. Was he taken out or is he involved? Hmm?

As is true fashion with this show all is not revealed. Well, we are at the end so something does have to be finally revealed before we or them have no form or void left – the flat circle is finally complete! Thank you for this indulgence. Discuss.

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