HBO’s True Detective: The Cast So Far

News has been breaking regularly about HBO’s new crime series: True Detective.  The show will most likely enter production soon and fans of The Wire in particular are waiting on pins and needles for the latest tidbits because the show looks to bring HBO back to the contemporary crime underworld.  While series plot details are thin we are privy to a most of the main cast members at this point. Here are the True Detective cast members that we can confirm so far:

matthew-mconneheyMatthew McConaughey (Rust Cohle)

woody-harrelson-181x300  Woody Harrelson (Martin Hart) michelle-monaghan-198x300 Michelle Monaghan (Maggie)

Kevin-DunnKevin Dunn (Maj. Quesada)

Tory-Kittles-204x300Tory Kittles (Det. Papania)

Mike-PottsMichael Potts (Det. Gilbough)
Alexandra-Dadd Alexandra Daddario (Lisa Tragnetti)

Elizabeth-Reaser-208x300Elizabeth Reaser (Laurie Perkins)

lili-simmons-227x300Lili Simmons (Underage Prostitute)
Jay-SandersJay O. Sanders (Televangelist)   Brad-Carter-204x300
Brad Carter (Victem’s Ex)

Wow what a show-stopping cast!  We’re sure this cast is going to expand a bit more before it hits HBO’s air so check back once in a while for the latest faces.  No premiere date to report just yet as the show hasn’t even been produced yet.


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