HBO’s Treme ‘might’ End After fourth Season

treme-season-1-20100628041006596_97120-300x198As principal fimling begins on season three of Treme series co-creator David Simon spoke with about some of the new characters coming to the show as well as the eventual end of the program.   “What we have to figure out is, is three-and-out right?  Is four-and-out right?  What should we plan for?   How would this work?  What is the best storytelling?   And then we’ll take that to HBO.   Ideally, they’ll make a decision on the merits, and we’ll talk to them about that.”

He and co-creator Eric Overmyer have written enough to take the show’s characters through four seasons.  Simon added that he’s delivered that decision to HBO via memo, and intends to speak with network executives about the decision in person as soon as possible.

In season three news there will be at least two new characters in New Orleans this time around including:  Sam Robards (Gossip Girl, The West Wing) who will portray a restaurant investor, and Chris Coy (True Blood, Justified) who will play a character based in part on reporter A.C. Thompson.

Treme, season three has been announced and is expected to premiere this spring (alongside Game of Thrones in April, most likely).

UPDATE:  Looks like we may have jumped the gun a bit with the implication that there would even BE a fourth season!  Simon clarifies to hitfix:

“It seems to be out there that i said we would be doing four seasons,” Simon wrote back. “I didn’t say that exactly.  I told Dave Walker that the writer-producers met twice over the hiatus for a week at a time and plotted all the storylines and determined that two more seasons was the optimum for the vast majority of characters, for the theme, and practical for the history of post-Katrina New Orleans.  That we would have a hard time finishing in three, or, unless some other avenues for storytelling revealed themselves organically, extending the drama to five seasons.

So I guess we’ll just have to keep our ears to the ground on this one!  We apologize for any confusion we may have helped to cause.   Given the ratings numbers and general interest in the show we could see Treme lasting through four seasons but a fifth would probably be stretching it as it seems like the co-creators of the show wouldn’t want to continue past the fourth.  Stay tuned.


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