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HBO’s Latest Sizzle Reel Drops!

by Jef Dinsmore
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HBO_Sizzle2022-300x156It has been a while since we’ve seen one, but HBO has recently presented a Coming Soon clip for later 2022 into 2023. Not only were we eager for it, but it came at a crucial time. You see, this 2:20 minute video is important for us, the viewer, and for WBD.  

 How so? Well, after the recent purge of content and the business actions taken to trim major debt for the company, WBD isn’t everyone’s favorite right now. It wants to make sure subscribers don’t bail on them if they aren’t tolerating the drastic changes that are ongoing. Thus, this sizzle reel to keep subscribers engaged. As viewers, we are wondering which big-priced shows are on the chopping block. Is our favorite one of the next to go? This video confirms just which titles are surviving the cut. If you saw a glimpse of your favorite then you can breathe a little easier.  

What is equally important to us is to cut through all the BS and get straight to what matters most – the quality content associated with the letters HBO. So, regardless of whether this is your first time eyeing the clip or not, we are going to break it down for you. It proves that even though it might be a bit harder to find on the bigger-is-not-better uber site coming by this time next year, HBO will continue with the type of shows we expect.  

We begin with lead-in imagery. Of course, the hot & current HOUSE OF THE DRAGON is featured but so is the dynamic & current INDUSTRY and the hot & lurid THE IDOL ending with Lilly-Rose Depp’s Jocelyn blowing us a kiss.



Next, targeting “Groundingbreaking HBO Originals”, is a series of shows coming before the end of 2022. I suspect the leading show, THE WHITE LOTUS, will debut in October. That footage is from the second season of what has turned into a comedic anthology series for Mike White featuring Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya from Season One. Glimpsed there is Michael Imperioli (THE SOPRANOS) once again surrounded by booze & babes. That is followed by more from THE IDOL. I’m shooting for this limited series to hit us in November. “Do you trust me?”  

SizzleReel_pic3-300x213Whenever you see battle polar bears raging you know it is HIS DARK MATERIALS. We haven’t forgotten that series, have we? It too is expected in November. Then we are back to the current season of INDUSTRY, which HBOWatch is reviewing each week. The series getting its return in September is next; the equally creepy & comic LOS ESPOOKYS with Fred Armisen as Uncle Tico appearing more frequently. All that is followed by, in rapid succession, Hugh Laurie in a new season of AVENUE 5 (possibly in December), and in 2023 there’s Bridget Everett in SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE, seen here singing her lungs out; the long-gestating limited series WHITE HOUSE PLUMBERS, complete with a sound bite (I call a January debut) and of course returns of the acclaimed SUCCESSION, the slam-dunk that is WINNING TIME: THE RISE OF THE LAKERS DYNASTY; PERRY MASON (I’m hoping for a January return for this one); BARRY, THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES, and the sumptuous THE GILDED AGE. Okay, close your mouth and catch your breath.


Though there has been paring down of content “Max Originals” still exist. The WBD wants to remind us of that fact by showing us peeks at the new seasons of TITANS; the GOSSIP GIRL relaunch; THE SEX LIVES OF COLLEGE GIRLS by Mindy Kaling; RAP SH!T, which HBOWatch is reviewing; PENNYWORTH: THE SizzleReel_pic5-300x288ORIGIN OF BATMAN’S BUTLER, imported over from Epix and DOOM PATROL. Note the DC content here. I think WBD wants to alleviate the fears that DC was going to be sold off. These entries prove that DC content is very much a part of the big picture. They just renewed the HARLEY QUINN animated series as well.

Next, we get footage & sound bite from a work called LOVE AND DEATH, a new limited series exclusive to the streamer by BIG SizzleReel_pic6-300x196LITTLE LIES’ David E. Kelley. It will arrive in 2023 alongside AND JUST LIKE THAT with the ladies, TOKYO VICE with Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe, HACKS and the Julia Childs’ series JULIA. Oh, and rest your fears, MINX will once again be dropping trou, OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH will once again be raising its flag and WARRIOR will once again dish out some martial art action. Those last three shows are a bit of a surprise because there had been absolutely no word on whether those shows were going forward or got the axe until this clip verified their return.


And then, what can only be construed as a special place of distinction, come the words “And The Premiere Of The HBO Original”. And though we have been watching intently for our faves we all lean in a bit closer to whatever screen we’re on to watch the first solid footage from THE LAST OF US. For those of us who have played the video games on which this show is based, our heartbeats increased as we saw Joel & Ellie tramp through the snow and hold up in whatever safe space they can find. We get a glimpse of Nick Overman’s Bill character but it is Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay that pull the game’s fans right back into the emotional story. But we the players and WBD want you to get caught up in what we feel for this piece too. That is why I single it out the way I do here and why this clip singles it out as well.  

 HBO appears alive and well. This 2022-2023 Sizzle Reel confirms all that. Stay with HBO & HBOWatch for what’s ahead!   

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Pedro Barragan September 24, 2022 - 8:28 pm

I too hope Perry Mason returns sooner than later. I was thinking summer considering Casey Bloys didn’t mention it as one of the shows that would be eligible for Emmy’s next year (he listed Barry, Succession and The Last of Us). Also, fingers crossed True Detective Season 4 comes to us next year, I believe they shoot from Fall of this year to late Spring of 2023. It’s an exciting time to be a TV watcher.

Jef Dinsmore September 25, 2022 - 5:16 pm

Those are exciting titles all. We will be watching. I’m shooting for PERRY MASON as a January ’23 show to lead us off.

Pedro Barragan September 24, 2022 - 8:23 pm

Is The Nevers dead? It was absent and it was shown as part of a sizzle reel early this year but it’s oddly silent.

Jef Dinsmore September 25, 2022 - 5:37 pm

You are correct in saying it is silent on the matter. Principal filming was completed in December of 2021 and even though the show would require plenty of post-production work, by now we should have seen something. Even a little snippet in a sizzle reel would have been nice.

Maybe, it will surprise us all when it appears yet this November or December for the back half of the season.

Jef Dinsmore September 5, 2022 - 4:40 pm

Yes, those would all be great additions to the schedule. TRUE DETECTIVE might be late 2023; stick around for news about CURB…

Michelle September 4, 2022 - 9:37 am

Thanks for summarizing this. Also looking forward to The Vow part 2 this year. Really hoping 2023 brings us True Detective and more Curb. :)


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