HBO’s History with the CATHOUSE

Docs_Cathouse-1-300x188Lest you forget HBO has a lineup of late night entertainment that it airs but with no consistency. Those programs are all showings of previously aired content. HBO has not premiered anything new since SEX//Now back in January. That changed on Thursday, 08.14 when CATHOUSE: KING OF THE HOUSE premiered. HBO is not a stranger to the Cathouse in question, are you?

 If you didn’t know the locale is the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada. Over the years HBO has aired specials and later a series about the house of ill repute in question. It all started with the documentary titled CATHOUSE in December 2002 which first introduced viewers to owner Dennis Hof and his staff of sex workers. It was popular enough (go figure) to warrant CATHOUSE 2: BACK IN THE SADDLE a year later (Dec.’03). That romp featured interviews with the working girls. The establishment liked the attention it got to start CATHOUSE: THE SERIES in 2005 with thirteen episodes, 2007 offered eleven episodes and in 2008 there were seven. In later episodes the girls were actually running some of the cameras. If you wonder how they manage that and take care of their client’s needs I guess you’ll have to seek out the show for yourselves.

 Also, as you might guess there is not a lot of suitable video to show you. If you want more details about the history of the show how about heading to or if you are ready to check the show outright head over to HBOGo. And while you are at it add the latest installment after a six year hiatus. CATHOUSE: KING OF THE HOUSE focuses on Mr. Hof. The description of the half hour states:

People_DennisHof-300x125Girls just want to have fun–and so does Dennis Hof, longtime owner of Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch who shares the tricks of his (sex) trade and keys to happiness in this special. Find out what it takes to become one of the lucky girls chosen to be his girlfriend, plus enjoy behind-the-scenes visits with Hof, Madame Suzette, and several of the new and veteran working girls.

Admittedly, this show is not for everyone, but if you got, let’s say, a hankering then seek out this documentary special. It also airs on HBO (again always in late night) on 08.21, 08.24, 08.30 and 09.02.

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