HBO’s 2013 Year-Ender with First Clips from Game of Thrones Season 4

Well we’re coming to the end of another great year of HBO greatness.  Emmys have been won, records have been challenged and we’ve all been more than entertained.  Towards the end of the year HBO always drops a mega-trailer with clips from shows that aired that annum along with tiny peaks at upcoming programs.  Often new seasons are confirmed and/or we’ll get a glimpse of upcoming shows for the first time.  

This year the big news were a handful of shots from Game of Thrones season four!  Check out the trailer for yourself now:

Awesome stuff coming up, right?  If you want to see it in HD, big screen glory it’s available on demand for some so check your local listings or just watch HBO tonight around 9PM and we suspect you’ll find what you’re looking for.  Here’s one Game of Thrones shot for the road.  We’ll let you replay the rest over and over and over:


A couple things we thought were interesting.  The first shots from The Leftovers, a new semi-sci-fi series coming next year, a few quick shots of the new San Fran startup series: Silicon Valley, a promo shot of the new John Oliver HBO weekly, and of course confirmation of new seasons of VICE, Real Time, True Blood and all of the rest.

One sad note is the lack of THE NEWSROOM season 3.  We know HBO is in talks with Sorkin and star Jeff Daniels in terms of scheduling and we know how hard that can be.  Daniels seemed confident a while back on Twitter but HBO has yet to make it official.  Will the show take a year off to accommodate schedules?  Ratings held steady and the show has a loyal fan base as well as some awards to its name.  We’ll keep you updated there but this trailer confirms that a Newsroom season 3 is still not officially on the books.

Check out our series premiere schedule for all the information we have on exact air dates on some of the series you just saw above.

UPDATE: We actually stumbled upon this one just now so take a good hard look… over and over and over:




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