HBO Won’t Be Filming 24/7: NHL’s Winter Classic


For the past few seasons HBO has filmed the NHL’s yearly event, an outdoor game called “The Winter Classic”.  But more importantly than the event itself, HBO’s cameras captured the personalities, the angst and the joy of being a pro hockey player. Think Hard Knocks on ice. (Or don’t that sounds weird).

Today both HBO and the NHL have confirmed that the show will not continue on HBO’s air.  Here’s HBO’s statement:

Everybody at HBO enjoyed working with the NHL and its teams on 24/7 the past four years. It was an exciting endeavor and we’re very proud of the never-before-seen presentation of the world of hockey that 24/7 was able to capture. There was never an expectation that HBO would chronicle the lead-up to the Winter Classic every year. So we will not be involved with the NHL this season. We wish the NHL the very best and the door will always remain open.

A league spokesman for the NHL also confirmed the cancellation via email.  For its part, the NHL did say they were working on a different behind the scenes hockey doc so stay tuned to your favorite hockey news outlet for more on that.

Hockey fans are probably very disappointed with this news. We aren’t quite sure why it ended this year as opposed to next or last season. We’re sure this won’t be the last time HBO’s cameras take the the NHL ice with Bryant Gumbel’s Real Sports and various HBO Documentaries still humming along. We’ll let you know if anything changes but don’t expect 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic this year because it’s done on HBO.

UPDATE: Are you a die hard fan? Do you think any non-HBO film makers could slap this thing together? We’ll you’re in luck. Exactly that is happening.

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