I wasn’t really expecting this Trailer. I thought that HBO’s 2012 Yearender reel was enticing enough but, nevertheless HBO has released yet another trailer to intrigue us or cause us to wet our pants, or hyperventilate.

They are titling it the HBO WINTER PREVIEW. Here it is.

First off, for you GOT’S it is GAME OF THRONES heavy. What, you think HBO doesn’t know it has what you want? Does Joffrey looked pissed or what as he points his finger?

Plus, since they have already premiered, it is no surprise that GIRLS and ENLIGHTENED are featured either. It is also splashed with shots from a couple of theatricals, documentaries (like Beyonce’s) and Sports; which leads me to my big question and favorite editing in this trailer. My favorite edit is the clip from an HBO BOXING bout and the athlete pulling back his fist followed by the lady clocking the guy dead in the face. Now, the big question – the punch-out clip is from what show or movie? Can anyone answer that?

Another interesting shot was from PHIL SPECTOR as he sits at the defense table scribbling out chords to a new song. Really? Did you also catch Mr. Cumberbatch brooding in PARADE’S END? Then let’s look at the “Coming Soon” segment. It starts off with vamp Eric glaring at us. A brief glimpse of THE NEWSROOM appears and new shows FAMILY TREE and VICE are seen. Plus, some extended shots from HBO FILMS: MARY AND MARTHA and repetitive ones from BEHIND THE CANDELABRA; both coming down the road.

By the way, the song used is The Lumineers’ Hey, Ho. For what it is worth I like the Yearender’s use of Evermore’s Follow the Sun better.

All in all it builds us up to an exciting year on HBO. We hope you stick with it and with HBOWatch through 2013. They say Winter Is Coming…hell, it looks like it’s here. Enjoy!

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