HBO Wins Entourage Lawsuit Against MTV Star

Bananas-Entourage-244x300Sometimes you just can’t make up the HBO news that flows into the offices of HBOWatch. The Entourage Bananas saga began a while back when MTV’s The Challenge star, “Johnny Bananas” sued HBO for using his moniker in their hit series Entourage. Entourage featured a cartoon character to be voiced by Kevin Dillon named, you guessed it – “Johnny Bananas” which is also the nickname used by the MTV star who’s real name is John Devenanzio. John decided to sue HBO over use of the name but just yesterday the New York Superior Court has ruled that Devenanzio filed his claims too late.

I guess we’ll never know if the use of this name truly caused Mr. Devenanzio “unwarranted, unauthorized and unfavorable mention of plaintiff’s name and personality and allusions to plaintiff’s physical and mental character.”

In other news, Adrian Griener tweeted a bit of a teaser reguarding the supposed Entourage Movie that has been confirmed and reconfirmed several times since the series went off the air.

Check it out:

We’ll keep you updated on all of the latest news on the upcoming Entourage movie but this will probably be the last time we’ll report on “Johnny Bananas” for some time.

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