HBO to Air 90 Minute ‘Hard Knocks’ Special

Hard-Knocks-300x116In lieu of the NFL’s recent players vs. owners debacle, HBO was not able to produce it’s 7th installment of it’s sport documentary Hard Knocks this season.  For those disappointed with this news, take heart!  The network will be airing a 90 minute edition of the show on August 31st at 10PM.  The show is said to highlight the past 10 years of the Emmy-winning series with plans to combine flashbacks of memorable moments of past seasons, a “Where Are They Now?” segment featuring past characters and never-before-seen outtakes.

NFL Films and HBO cameras were spotted at the Chambersburg Cardinals’ Trojan Stadium. this week obtaining footage for the special.  The series began in 2001 when it followed the Ravens’ training camp, months after they won Super Bowl XXXV. It has since profiled the Cowboys (2002 and 2008), the Kansas City Chiefs (2007), Cincinnati Bengals (2009) and the New York Jets (2010).

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