HBO to Air 16 Min Game of Thrones Season 2 Featurette March 2nd at 8PM EST


UPDATE: We’ve been informed that HBO has removed this from their official schedule.  It had been scheduled for weeks prior but is no longer appearing.  We’re still waiting on the official word from HBO.  I’d probably still keep an eye on the channel around that time as specials like this may not make it into the daily schedule but we wanted you to know that this may not actually occur tonight!  We’re deeply sorry for any confusion this may have caused .

HBO has announced that it will be airing a 16 minute featurette titled: “Game of Thrones: Echoes from the Past”.  The video will be broadcast on March 2nd at 8 PM EST on the HBO flagship station but will more than likely make it’s way to the web shortly thereafter (either officially or unofficially).

HBO has been known to do this for all of its major series and they typically consist of behind the scenes interviews, short clips from previously released trailers and some knowledge bombs from show-runners such as George RR. Martin and David Benioff.  We’ll also probably hear from the actors and actresses on set as well as some of the production folks!

Tune in to HBO at 8PM EST / 5PM PST for the first look and be sure to check back here for the video later for the online version.  We’ll post it as soon as we see it!


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