HBO Summer 2014 Promo Videos

HBO_taglineThis writer has noticed that a few promotional videos that HBO has right now have not seen the light of day on our site, so if you haven’t seen them here they are. First up, is the “HBO Summer Preview 2014.” We have already seen a number of the programs on the channel, of course, but we still have content like Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years a Slave, KAT WILLIAMS: PRICELESS,  BILL MAHER: LIVE IN D. C., HARD KNOCKS and the final season of BOARDWALK EMPIRE yet to come this summer.


So come with me now and check it out:


Let me eliminate the need for the first question on everyone’s mind  – the song is “Come With Me Now” by KONGOS.


Next up for those interested is the news that HBO Documentary Films have an official night on the network. HBO has over the past couple of years aired the premieres of its documentaries on Monday nights. It has now, as a promotional tool, generated this video promoting that fact.


Here is “HBO Documentary Films 2014 Preview – Monday Night is Doc Night.”



Come join us as HBOWatch reviews each and every documentary following its Monday premiere. HBO Documentary Films – extraordinary!


 Equally extraordinary is al the Emmy Nominations HBO has accrued in the past year. To pat itself on the back HBO has offers the following clip highlighting the nominees. Surely, some of these entries will walk away winners, but which ones?


Here is “HBO Primetime Emmy Nominations.”



Yeah, it has the right to toot its own horn – 99 nominations this year; and the leader in excellence for fourteen years running. Aren’t you glad you have a front seat?





Now we know this next clip will get many of you going ballistic, but since we are on the promotional kick here is a brief infomercial for HBOGo. Yes, we know you have to subscribe to be able to get it.


 Here is HBOGo: Access Refresh



Since we are on promotional videos for HBO I thought I’d find Classic looks back on the network as well. These may not be the best quality, but boy are they fun! Check them out!


June 20, 1982



and lastly, one of the oldest clips I ever found – June 13, 1979.



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