HBO Suggests What To Watch This Summer

HBO_Summer13There is plenty to explore across HBO’s platforms but instead of us recommending something to entertain you this summer we go straight to the source and let HBO pick some titles it would like you to seek out. The suggestions are a mix of older shows mostly but they also have a nice promo for recent ones too. It is also a nice variety of drama and comedy.

So, if you have time after the BBQ, your swim, your lawn mowing or your sightseeing take in an HBO show. Whether it is a staycation or a vacation, whether it is on TV or tablet there is something to watch. Let’s see what HBO suggests starting with comedy,


There are a few HBO series from Aussie Chris Lilley, but this one started them all. He plays multiple characters that eventually got their own limited series. Check out his talent this summer and laugh at this bloke from Down Under. You might not want to laugh at him too hard if you are actually vacationing in Australia as he might get his Angry Boys after you.


Next door to Australia is New Zealand which must have prompted HBO to recommend the musical musings of Bret & Jermaine who hail from there. They wanted to increase their American fan base because if you are recognized there you are recognized anywhere and the premise of the series was born. Quirky, musical and fun, if you can follow the accents. Make hem popular all over again by bingeing this series this summer.  


Okay, how about getting an American represented here? HBO does just that by suggesting that All-American guy – Kenny Powers. Don’t act like you don’t know who he is; own up that you are familiar with this classic jerk personified by Danny McBride. This summer, after you root for your own team on the baseball diamond, root for Powers again as he tries to redeem himself.  


Is there anyone who throws down more attitude and cussing than Kenny? Oh, yeah and his name is Al Swearengen. But, he isn’t the only one, it is literally everyone in the whole damn town of Deadwood! As we single out drama now, HBO wants you to get down & dirty (watch out for those dangerous pigs, though) with the denizens of Deadwood this summer. Make that your summer road trip!


What, that a bit rough for you? Well, the best HBO can do then is offer you a trip to Baltimore. Be prepared though, because it isn’t much better there. It is a city struggling to survive and David Simon will take you in deep for five solid seasons. If you haven’t seen THE WIRE, what are you waiting for?


HBO will surprise you with what it can offer. Here is a different kind of drama yet just as gritty. It is like no other. You could say it is supernatural. From the mind of Todd McFarlane comes this creepy guy. Who says cartoons are just for kids. Stay up late-night and binge SPAWN this summer.


To take the dramatic choices off the street and into the home they recommend storytelling from Alan Ball. Meet or re-visit the Fisher family and funeral home they own & operate. Go stream it you won’t be disappointed. It is life. Death. And everything in between.


HBO switches it up also. It is not always about the series as the following music special illustrates. The Grammy nominated music star J. Cole sets the mood for a cool summer night.


There are also plenty of award-winning and effective documentaries to consider. If you care to take in any of them on the varied topics filmmakers have delved into.

You get the idea. HBO has plenty to offer and it is all at your fingertips where and when to watch if you utilize the streaming sites. HBOGo is for the cable subscribers and HBONow is for the cord cutters. Before we go we add one more selection to the list. How about the recent Emmy hopefuls?


Watch Some HBO this Summer!

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