HBO Sports to Stream Live Events in 2013

HBOGO has been in the news lately. A more detailed post is planned explaining potential ideas HBO has for the streaming site but for now just knowing that additional HBOSports_logocontent for HBOGO is in the works is exciting. Just today, Thursday, 03.28,  HBO Sports president Ken Hershman announced that live sports events will be live-streamed on the site by the end of 2013.

It was not made clear just what sort of events HBO was planning on experimenting with but the likely sport would be boxing. HBO does carry HBO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING and B.A.D. – BOXING AFTER DARK so there are plenty of potential bouts that could get the live-stream exposure. Note that this endeavor would take a great deal of technology and logistics to execute and to date HBO has never attempted such programming. They have been making subtle improvements to HBOGO since its inception and this leap in content availability would increase the value of the HBOGO service. There was no mention of how the live streaming of sports events would affect the HBO PPV (pay-per-view) platform. Again, HBOWatch will follow up this posting with more news regarding HBOGO.

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