The ladies of 2 Dope Queens are back in what will be the final round of installments. Earlier this year the duo announced via their social media that their podcast is ending (super sad face). So, that means we must enjoy the last round of visuals brought to us by HBO. The series premiere was better than every episode last year. The budget has increased, the two ladies and their chemistry were at an all-time high, and their guest comedians were more dynamic than ever. The theme was fashion and Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson enjoyed every bit of it. The charm in these two ladies is that they say what comes to their minds and don’t really take themselves seriously. Their conversation included Charlotte Russe, shopping at Claire’s, little ‘tatas’, and the benefits of wearing certain attire because of said ‘tatas’. It was fun to take a trip down memory lane and all the horrors that came with shopping for clothes and ear piercings.

cq5dam.web.1200.675Keeping with the theme of fashion, Lupita Nyong’o was their guest for the week. Lupita is a fashion icon that can literally do no wrong on the scene. Their interviewing style worked well for her because Lupita came on set with her guard down ready to have fun. They talked shit, laughed a lot, and had a braiding contest. Three mannequins in, these three Queens sat there, laughing, vibing, and forcing me to realize that there is no better way to rock with Lupita than while having a hair braiding contest. In the end, of course, Lupita’s mannequin looked the most decent. I really appreciate this portion of the broadcast. Their team does a good job utilizing their guests’ strengths in the game of the week.cq5dam.web.1200.675

Of the three comedians that showcased material this week, the standout to me was Solomon Gerogio. While each comedian dressed their best (in accordance with the theme) his ensemble, paired with the theme of being boldly gay under the times we live in worked well. His set was hilariously relatable, and drove me instantly to search for his stand up shows in LA. I can’t even imagine him being a “docile homosexual,” how boring is that? He blended Trump’s America and the power of women of color eloquently. He left me wondering, where is LaToya from his 2nd grade class. She was indeed before her time!

If you missed this week’s episode, fear not, it’s available on HBO’s streaming services. You can catch the next episode, Nostalgia, Friday, February 15th at 11:00 PM EST. Check on their season 2 trailer below.

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