2 Dope Queens and the episode “Regal AF” aired this past Friday night (March 01). Keeping things in order, Jessica and Phoebe opened the show recalling moments of the past year where they felt Regal AF. For Jessica, it came after a breakup. Ironic I know, but there’s more. Deep in her sadness, she calls her assistant to collect stones to help her shift the energy. I don’t know if it worked, but she is more “woo woo” and has one hell of a stone collection. Align them chakras sis! Oh and, there’s probably nothing more regal than interviewing former First Lady, Michelle (Robinson) Obama. Apparently, she and Phoebe are cousins, just as Venus/Serena are Jessica’s cousins too. One could dream, right? Oh, and I’m totally here for Phoebe’s constant abbreviation of everythingggg….foundash (foundation); checkmate!

cq5dam.web.1200.675The guest of the week was Keegan-Michael Key (Friends from College) and a good time was had. Though he’s been around for years, this man is a ball of high-energy and good times. They talk about him playing a dramatic role in Hamilton and him being super good at impressions. That brings us to the game of the week. The three enter an intense game of accents/impressions. Two rounds. Each person draws a profession and an accent. And it’s tragic (in a funny way). French OBGYN, British personal trainer; I personally suck at all accents so an A for effort was earned.  The winner for me was Phoebe, who, by-the-way, never misses a moment to celebrate British Bae. He’s “f*cked”(her words, not mine).

The standout comedian of the week was Josh Shaw. He was first up and his experience and ease on stage helped him to knock it out. His story-telling and ability to deliver a one-liner went over well for me and the audience. They were engaged and interested, and I was too. He owned the stage like a boss. His take on white privilege blended well as he went into describing a MAGA visitor on an NYC subway. Oh, and, the braveness one must have to be on vocal rest and still go to a Beyonce show is simply groundbreaking. I stan Josh! #beyhive

I’m not sure if the ladies are going to get a season 3 considering they’re no longer doing the podcast, but as of now, this looks to be it for the immediate future.

In case you were wanting to test out your own impressions, check out the impressions game below!

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