2 Dope Queens and their “Music” episode aired this past Friday night (February 22), and it had all the laughs and vibes one could ever hope for! Dressed in a pink situation and shiny shimmer, Phoebe and Jessica opened the show sharing their favorite memories as it relates to music. Phoebe’s first concert was U2 (with a sea of white dads) and Jessica’s was Destiny’s Child (when it was only three). There was also discussion of boy band allegiances, N’SYNC versus BSB (Backstreet Boys), each lady claiming their Spice Girl alter-ego, and each recounting their favorite artists. It’s safe to assume that Phoebe and I would have jammed out a lot (except with the U2 thing). Jessica mentioned a few artists/bands that I’ve never heard of, and I’m quite frankly okay with that. Eventually the duo shared the magic that is their sex playlists. Good times. Memorable content. Many laughs. Oh, and Jessica attempted to teach Phoebe how to sing, but that was a fail. A low point if any.cq5dam.web.1200.675

This episode was different in that we saw two guests. The first was Janet Mock. She’s found success on many fronts, but her most recent came as a result of her work in Pose on FX. Janet looked stunning, she was super easy to talk to and talked about the importance of the ballroom scene in the LGBTQ community. The trio ended her segment by playing a game as they do. Each person won a “low-to-mid-level” award and had to do an impromptu speech. Cute!

cq5dam.web.1200.675Lizzo, the flute twerker & super talented social media influencer was on right after Janet. This interview was one of my favorites by the ladies because Lizzo is a star. She owns the stage, she spits so much positivity and rawness that you can’t help but smile, laugh, and celebrate her existence. I love how free she was and you could see the joy she brought to Phoebe and Jessica. The segment ended with Lizzo playing her flute and twerking. She eventually attempts to teach both ladies how to play the flute, without much success. But hey, who needs a flute when you can pretend to do so, dance and have a good ole time!

We saw two comedians this time out and both did pretty well. I enjoyed Pat Brown and her take on gender roles, and Bill Cosby. She wasn’t afraid to tackle the hard stuff, but also, found a way to make us laugh too. In case you hadn’t thought about it, lube and vibrators have multiple uses outside of what we think. Lower back pain- no problem! HA! 

Next week is the final installment of the “2 Dope Queen” HBO Series! Wanna flute twerk? Of course, you do, check it out below:



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