HBO Series Now Available on Google Play

Ubiquitous access to HBO programs is becoming a critical issue for all networks as the TV industry evolves and makes its way online.  Today HBO announced a minor partnership with Google’s paid video streaking service: Play.  Similar in many ways to Apple’s iTunes Google Play offers access to video and music for a nominal fee per episode. 


We don’t want to get your hopes up: this doesn’t mean you’ll now have access to Game of Thrones, True Blood or Boardwalk Empire episodes as immediately as if you had a proper HBO subscription.  In other words: Game of Thrones season 3 episodes aren’t available right now (sorry).  Similar to HBO’s relationship with iTunes, you’ll get access to new episodes soon after their available on DVD & Blu-Ray (much later).  So for now you’ll need to stick to HBO Go to watch live HBO programming online.

This isn’t major news for most but it may end up being more convenient for those using Google’s Play as opposed to iTunes.  We realize that many of you are hoping for an announcement indicating that the entirety of HBO’s library would be available without a subscription to HBO through a cable company: this is not that announcement.

Small steps though, right?  Check out the HBO library on Google Play now if you’re interested.

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