HBO Rival Starz Gets Gaiman’s “American Gods”

AmericanGods_bookcoverHBO had been courting Neil Gaiman’s American Gods for quite a while. HBOWatch was keeping track of it with a total of nine different posts. The first post was way back on 06.03.11 and on exactly three years later on 06.03.14 we quoted HBO’s Michael Lombardo on why HBO passed on the project.

HBO is in a busy market with everyone vying for viewers. HBO’s competition, as far as being premium channels is concerned, are Showtime and Starz and what HBO doesn’t want one of the other can snag it. Such is the case with American Gods going to the Starz channel.

 NBC’s Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller & Michael Green, an executive producer of NBC’s Heroes, will team up to spearhead the adaptation. They are also expected to at least write the pilot.

Bryan Fuller made this statement –   

 “Neil Gaiman has created the holiest of holy toy boxes with American Gods and filled it with all manner of magical thing, born of new gods and old. Michael Green and I are thrilled to crack this toy box wide open and unleash the fantastical titans of heaven and Earth and Neil’s vividly prolific imagination.”

Now, HBO’s Lombardo stated, that Home Box Office could not make it work. What has Starz got that HBO doesn’t? This writer doesn’t know for sure because I don’t have Starz, though my wife wishes we did so she could watch the upcoming Outlander. Hell, HBO should have both of these shows, but doesn’t I think because HBO doesn’t take the kind of risks Starz evidently does.

Starz_logoThere is no proof yet that American Gods will be a big hit for the network or not; only time will tell. But, if it does become a ratings success then it was a missed opportunity for HBO. In the busy TV landscape and with HBO closing down shows like TRUE BLOOD, THE NEWROOM and BOARDWALK EMPIRE it can’t afford letting good potential hits slip by. Is it time to take a risk? Are you going to seek out American Gods on Starz? Let us know your thoughts below.   


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