UPDATED: HBO Releases Another Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer

UPDATE 3/21:

UPDATE:  And another:

I guess good things come in threes cause we now have the third trailer for Season Three hitting the airwaves tonight before the Season Finale of Girls. The first two trailers, “War” and “Beast”, were released on Friday and we now have a third to add to the collection. Not quite sure why HBO decided to release all these trailers at once. Especially so close to the premiere. I’ve actually seen a few of these sprinkled in throughout regular TV commercials, but still seems like they have been a bit lagging on the trailer releases for this season. Oh well, who cares when it happens as long as it does, right? I have to say, the footage in this looks to be the best yet! See it for yourself:

For those looking for a higher quality version, check this one out:

It’s official. Season Three is going to being beyond epic! Please leave your comments below.


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