HBO Programming Chief Bloys Opens Up After AT&T Merger


Following up on the buzz about the future of HBO Casey Bloys, Programming Chief for the network had a chance to sound off on the matter. He did so at the recent Television Critics Association (TCA) gathering. One of his strong quotes to take away from his sit down at the panel was this one –

“There are no plans to dilute the HBO brand in favor of increasing volume of programming. No one has talked to us about diluting HBO programming and increasing the volume to a point where we lose creative control. You won’t see us do Love Boat reboots.”

Bloys also stated,

“What I heard was more investment, which was music to our ears. This is the first in a long time that someone is prepared to invest.”

That can only be good news, right? The HBO aficionados that gather here appreciate that HBO always sits at or near the top of the list when it comes to good quality shows and the awards they garner and the stars they gather. And since change is always scary for most the worry that HBO would be ruined by ramping up the quantity of content just to compete with the likes of Netflix causes concern.

Bloys tried to alleviate that stress by the comments he made. Of course, most people want to hear about the content in store not about the business model. And, of course, Bloys could not provide exact titles for us at that time but over the course of HBO’s time at the TCA event some news of content was revealed. HBOWatch will roll out those announcements over the next few days.   

So are you following the news closely? Are you assured, through Bloys words, that what we know and love about HBO will not be compromised? Are you excited for the future of HBO under AT&T? Are you disappointed that Love Boat won’t materialize? It could and should get very exciting around here. Stay tuned!   

(Source: Deadline)

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