HBO Planning Russian Spy Series – THE COMMISSAR’S REPORT

ComissarsReportHBO has been looking for a spy series for a while now. If you’d peek at the morgue of shows never brought to the TV screen you would see the evidence. Well HBO has targeted another attempt and this one is called THE COMMISSAR’S REPORT. It is billed as a comedic drama thriller which is a different twist to the spy game.

The project comes from the Cold War satire crafted by Martyn Burke who is adapting his novel and writing the pilot script. A description of the work states  –

 it follows Dimitri, a young spy in post-war Stalinist Russia who rises so quickly through the ranks of Soviet espionage that he is sent to New York as a spy to help bring down America. But his life is quickly in mortal danger when he finds himself not only in love with America, but through a fluke of fate, becoming what he is pledged to destroy —a major capitalist.  

Mr. Burke is no stranger to HBO as he has had ideas considered by HBO before and penned its 1998 film THE PENTAGON WARS. This time he teams up with Zucker Productions, the comedic minds behind the classic Airplane and Naked Gun movies, to try to get this spy series to stick. If you have ever seen a Zucker production you know the caliber of humor they utilize which could make THE COMMISSAR’S REPORT one odd and interesting series for the network. For more on the satirical look at the Cold War penned by Burke there is the source material to check out. Amazon’s description states

[The novel] was lauded as “a wonder of intense, cinematic storytelling…honest, inventive, and memorable.” (Wall Street Journal). In this comic novel of the Cold War, Dimitri, a young hero of the Russian Revolution and Kremlin spy is secretly smitten by the sirens of capitalism. His posting to the Soviet consulate in New York is a dream come true.
The dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Dimitri’s Soviet boss despises him, his wife is obsessed with the unsocialist pursuit of a Bergdorf’s charge account, and his boyhood friend is now a CIA agent who stalks him. On Wall Street, he is plagued by his wild People_MartynBurketalent for making money in the stock market. His bosses in Red Square would find this difficult to overlook if they knew. And, as Dimitri fears, the old men of the Kremlin have a deadly habit of knowing everything sooner… or later.


Martyn Burke (pictured) creates a unique and highly entertaining tale of dark humor and rich understanding.


HBOWatch will continue to investigate.


(Source: Amazon, Deadline)

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