HBO Opts Out of ‘Da Brick’

Doug-Ellin-HBOHBO has decided not to pick up a pilot filmed by Entourage show-runner Doug Ellin and Spike Lee.  The show was to focus on the early life of Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson.  Several news outlets are reporting that the pilot is now dead.  This comes on the heels of the cancellation of Ellin’s other program, 40.  We’re not sure if the two cancellations are related but Ellin is still under contract with HBO for the foreseeable future.  This sometimes happens with even well-intentioned pilots and HBO has a ton of new shows dropping this year and beyond.  It may be that the bar was just set too high for another drama series on HBO.

Entourage fans can still take heart that a feature film has been all but confirmed by several members of the case.  We hope relations between Doug Ellin and HBO are in tact.  He’s brought us many an HBO moment!  If we hear details or reactions from Doug Elin we’ll bring them to you.


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