HBO Halts ‘Soft-Core’ Adult Programming


Say goodbye to REAL SEX, TAXICAB CONFESSIONS, CATHOUSE, SEX//ON, G-STRING DIVAS and a slew of Cinemax adult movies or ‘Skinemax’ flicks. They have been quickly and silently purged from all of HBO’s platforms. They will not be filling some late night hour on the channels and the Late Night category on the streaming sites (HBONow/Go) is no longer to be found.

HBO states that the removal of the erotic content was prompted by a lack of interest in such content. To that, I say fine just don’t spend more money on that kind of stuff; you don’t need to purge your existing content. But it is all gone. “Over the past several years HBO has been winding down its late-night adult fare,” an HBO representative said. “While we’re greatly ramping up our other original program offerings, there hasn’t been a strong demand for this kind of adult programming, perhaps because it’s easily available elsewhere.”

RealSex_Gone-160x300I’ll confess that I watched every installment of REAL SEX, all 33 episodes. The magazine-style documentary series was called “the 60 Minutes of sex.” It explored sexual health, fetishes, fringe lifestyles & more. It gave us one of the first glimpses of RuPaul, stripping lessons, sex video pros, sex workshops, sex clubs and the Exotic Erotic Ball. In the early days of HBO, the shock & titillation of such a program was an enticing attraction to subscribers. That led to other series like the awesome TAXICAB CONFESSIONS. The premise of this award-winning series had people hailing taxis and being recorded as the driver generated riveting conversations with their fare. There were a total of 19 episodes and I know I watched each one more than once. Raw language, situations and sex acts were rampant and at episode’s end each passenger got to their destination and signed a waiver to allow their ride (and their joys & tragedies) to be shown. I miss that show already.

Under the auspices of new owners AT&T more money will be pumped into HBO to create more high-quality content. As we have seen softcore imagery has always made it into the networks dramatic content and will continue in the future, but the non-fictional content of adult nature is a strong part of HBO history. I’m sure none of won’t mind the absence of the ‘red light’ movies that Cinemax put out some of the classics will surely be missed. You agree or okay with seeing it go?    

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