HBO Goes Straight To Series with “DEMIMONDE” by J.J. Abrams

People_JJAbrams-300x169Apple and HBO were both in top contention to bring another J. J. Abrams concept to life and HBO snagged it. Not only is HBO developing the Sci-Fi drama DEMIMONDE but it has ordered it straight to series! “So, cut to the chase and tell us what it is,” they asked.

A fully detailed description has not been released but, so far, we know that it is an epic and intimate sci-fi fantasy drama that deals with a world’s battle against a monstrous, oppressive force. Abrams will write and executive produce, with Ben Stephenson–head of television for Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions–also serving as an executive producer. The series will be produced by Bad Robot in association with Warner Bros. Television and HBO.  

That’s it. That is all anyone has on the latest from Abrams. Hs track record, though, speaks for itself. He is an executive producer overseeing such movie franchises as Star Wars, Star Trek and Mission: Impossible. He is also, along his Bad Robot team, behind HBO’s WESTWORLD and the upcoming LOVECRAFT COUNTRY with Jordan Peele. People were eager to pony up big bucks for his next creation with HBO winning the bid. Abrams will not only produce DEMIMONDE, but also will write some, most or all of the first season.

One more fact we can give you. “Demimonde” is French for those people who live a more hedonistic lifestyle from the bourgeoisie. Perhaps the “monstrous, oppressive force” in the description above sees the world it attacks as a world of the demimonde worth destroying. Are you eager to find out?  

Will you take another fantasy series on HBO? Will you take another one from J. J. Abrams? Is HBO looking strong, in your opinion, with post-GAME OF THRONES shows like the continuation of WESTWORLD, WATCHMEN (if picked up) and now DEMIMONDE? We know it is hard to say at this point without a snippet of film from either of those latter two works, but how is it shaping up for you? Let us know in the comments below or anywhere across this site. We will keep you informed every step of the way with news of this series and more.

(Source: Variety)



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