HBO Go Available on Playstation 4 Starting Today


Wait, HBO go isn’t everywhere?  Well, it’s on iPhone, Android, Xbox, several types of smart TVs, iPad, desktop browsers and Roku just to name a few.  It’s even available on Playstation THREE right now.  But due to the complexity of writing such a beautiful app in several different coding languages, HBO go is only now releasing on Sony’s Playstation 4 game console TODAY.

That’s right, go to your PS4 now and download this thing because it’s there for you.  Here’s a preview video celebrating the release:

We keep a running list of all of the devices that we know HBO Go to work on so be sure to bookmark that for future reference.

How do you watch your HBO? Do you use your favorite device or are you an ye olde thyme cable subscriber like myself?  Leave us a comment below with your current favorite way to watch or stream HBO online.

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