HBO Gives Musical Comedy From Amy Poehler’s Company Consideration

Not much news to go on here, but we wanted to give this project attention because it is a potential series not seen on HBO. Amy Poehler’s production company is developing a musical-comedy for the pay channel entitled EDISON. The last musical comedy was 2007’s FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS.People_JohnRoberts-300x200

EDISON is said to be a half-hour dark musical comedy about John a 40-year-old real estate broker who dreams of living life in the big city but remains stuck in his small hometown of Edison, NJ. John is already cast. The role will be played by John Roberts (pictured, the voice of Linda in Bob’s Burgers – yes he voices a woman). It is reported that EDISON is loosely based on Roberts’ own life experiences.

Behind the concept is Poehler’s Paper Kite Productions along with colleague Brooke Posch. It is written by John Roberts and H. Jon Benjamin who scripts the Archer series. Of course, this is just preliminary work right now. It only means HBO would like to see the concept fleshed out and even read a few finished scripts. It is not confirmed that there is even a pilot episode at this point. Paper Kite does, however, have other shows across the dial so perhaps this one just might stick at HBO. There is also no word of who is addressing the musical side of this work. To me,the music is what will make or break the series. Will it be incorporated as just his thoughts set to music, will he pick up an instrument, or will there be blown out Broadway style production numbers? It is listed as a ‘dark’ musical comedy so, to me, the ‘musical thoughts’ format seems more likely, but all those specifics will surface if the show develops favorably. We will wait and see.

(Source: Deadline)

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