HBO GIRLS Drops Season #5 Trailer


I was alerted to the new season 5 trailer for Girls after Lena Dunham posted a gorgeous photo of the four of them on her Instagram page, where Hannah, Jessa and Shosh were in bridesmaid’s dresses and Marnie was in a wedding dress and they stood lovingly draped around each other. This and the trailer both indicate that initially it looks like there is going to be heavy focus on Marnie and her upcoming nuptials. What’s interesting though is that at the end of the trailer, Hannah mentions that Marnie is marrying someone she barely knows. Considering that Desi was in season three and season four, one would assume that she knows him quite well, so perhaps in the sixth months following the season four finale, Marnie has met someone else and fallen so in love that she is marrying someone that we haven’t even met. One things for sure and that it’s not Ray. Poor Ray.

Shosh looks like she is really getting stuck in to her new life in Japan where she has successfully left behind all her problems and immersed herself in a new and exciting culture. She seems a bit more together and focused and she has a really cool new hairstyle. I am definitely looking forwards to seeing what she is getting herself into over there and the role that she is going to play in the friendship group, as things had been rather touchy in previous seasons.

Hannah is still with Fran in what appears to be a happy, healthy, adult relationship and is living with Hannah and Elijah in Hannah’s apartment, but from the trailer it looks like she maybe loses control, lets loose and I have no doubt that if Marnie’s bachelorette party is going to feature in the season, Hannah will probably end up getting totally wasted and doing something stupid, or maybe she won’t. We just can’t tell.

Jessa and Adam don’t really feature in the trailer in a way in which we can see what the season is going to hold for them, all we know is that they are going to be in it. That’s fine, its always been the Hannah and Marnie show, I doubt that is going to change so close to the end.

As the trailer says, the girls are growing up and quite possibly growing apart. A wedding could cause some unnecessary tension between the girls and it doesn’t look like Marnie or Hannah’s narcissism has subsided in any way. That said, I love this program, I love them in spite of the flaws and I can’t wait to see what is happening in their lives now, even if it can be incredibly frustrating at times.

Looks like some of my speculation in a previous post has been quashed and some of my fears confirmed. Take a look at the trailer below and decide for yourselves what you think might happen to our beloved girls!

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