HBO Films: THE NORMAL HEART Airs Sunday Night, 05.25.

This is just a friendly reminder that HBO Films: THE NORMAL HEART dominates the Sunday night primetime hours this coming Sunday, 05.25. It is a 133 minute movie that begins at 9:00pm ET with an encore presentation following that evening. The following clips are not intended to spoil the movie for you but merely to set the tone for what the movie is about and the passionate emotions that run through it. These first two clips offer snippets of scenes with commentary from creator Larry Kramer and cast members. It is a great introduction to the movie.

This last clip offers glimpses of on-location shooting of the film. We will leave it at that. Surely, three clips are enough to give you a clear picture of what the HBO Films: THE NORMAL HEART is all about and from that you can decide on whether to see the presentation or not. HBOWatch will review.

New episodes of GAME OF THRONES, VEEP, SILICON VALLEY and LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER will return on Sunday, 06.01.

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