HBO Films: ALL THE WAY Has A Premiere Date and Trailer

HBO’s second HBO Films presentation, after April’s CONFIRMATION on 04.16.16, has locked in a premiere date for May. Details come from the following press release regarding ALL THE WAY

AllTheWay_CranstonLBJ-225x300HBO has confirmed the debut date for ALL THE WAY, with the HBO Films drama scheduled to debut SATURDAY, MAY 21 at 8:00 p.m. (ET/PT), exclusively on HBO. Bryan Cranston reprises his Tony-winning role in ALL THE WAY, a riveting behind-the-scenes look at President Lyndon B. Johnson’s tumultuous first year in office after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Staking his presidency on what would be an historic, unprecedented Civil Rights Act, Johnson finds himself caught between the moral imperative of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the expectations of the southern Democratic Party leaders who brought Johnson to power.


Directed by Jay Roach (HBO’s GAME CHANGE, RECOUNT and THE BRINK) from a screenplay by Robert Schenkkan, who adapted his Tony-winning play of the same name. The cast also stars Anthony Mackie as Martin Luther King Jr., Melissa Leo as Lady Bird Johnson, Bradley Whitford as Hubert Humphrey and Stephen Root as J. Edgar Hoover. It also includes Marque Richardson , Aisha Hinds, Todd Weeks, Mo McRae, Spencer Garrett and Frank Langella.


Produced for HBO by Amblin Television, Tale Told Productions and Moonshot Entertainment, with Steven Spielberg, Robert Schenkkan, Jay Roach, Bryan Cranston, Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey executive producing.

As most trailers do the one presented here represents the piece very well giving us a glimpse of the power players of D. C. after the loss of JFK. Also, those big players deserved big personas to embody them onscreen and by this clip alone we see that they truly hit there mark. Could this work ride it out as an Emmy winner? Well, if the following is any indication we’d have to say that it undoubtedly will.

Though the real LBJ seems a bit thicker than Cranston the makeup is still a sight to behold as well. Catch it in detail when HBO Films: ALL THE WAY debuts 05.21.16.


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