HBO Eyes Rise of ISIS Story from Bradley Cooper

Actor/Producer Bradley Cooper, who holds both positions for the series Limitless, has optioned the book “Black Flags: The Rise Of ISIS” to become a miniseries for HBO with a number of BlackFlags-199x300partners. His Joint Effort production company, with partner Todd Phillips will serve as executive producers of the project. It will be penned by Gregg Hurwitz (Queen of the South) with Tim Van Patten (GAME OF THRONES) set to direct.

The source material is a nonfiction tome by Joby Warrick and tells the story of the rise of ISIS, from its origins in a remote Jordanian prison to its stunning success in Syria. The book tracks the group’s unlikely roots and transformation into the world’s most feared terrorist organization — as well as the small band of American and international agents tasked with shutting it down. Turning the factual elements of this terrible global enemy into an action-packed story is now the task ahead for the crew. It will be interesting to see what tone such a story will set. Clearly they will be depicted as world villains and the story would be told from the perspective of the elite teams out to thwart the terrorist cell. Some might not like the fact that the work would give publicity to ISIS as viewers do not need to be reminded of the terror the thugs leash out. But then again, it just might play out as an important documentation of the menacing threat and rally the sentiment to eradicate the terrorists at all costs. It will be interesting to see this one develop. What do you think?

If you are so inclined seek out the [amazon_link id=”0804168938″ target=”_blank” ]Warrick’s Pulitzer winning book[/amazon_link] yourself as Cooper did you just might get insight on how the miniseries may conceptualize. HBOWatch will keep an eye on its progress.  

(Source: Deadline)

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