HBO Drops Trailers for SILICON VALLEY Season Three and VEEP Season Five

The spring shows are ramping up their promotional material for their big debut on 04.24. Well, the comedies at least; GAME OF THRONES has sworn to play it pretty close to the vest, as it were. So just what is in store for VEEP Selina Meyers and her staff and for the crew over in SILICON VALLEY? The following trailers should offer a little insight.

We start off with the tech boys. You know them as Richard (Thomas Middleditch), Erlich, (T. J. Miller), Jared (Zach Woods, Bertram (Martin Starr), Big Head (Josh Brener), Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) and all the others toiling at their jobs in SILICON VALLEY. Here is what a few of them had to say about the show at SXSW recently.

As referenced in the above clip, the end of Season Two was not all rosy for the group as the control of Pied Piper switched out of Richard Hendricks’ hands. But from that earlier tease we see him walking in demanding his CEO status returned.


How is that working out for you Hendricks?


To help shed more light on that situation and the whole season here is the official trailer for SILICON VALLEY Season Three.

Oh boy! Everyone is in rare form aren’t they? That includes Laura (Susanne Cryer) for sure. Plus you got Erlich as a unicorn rider and Jared sporting a Pied Piper jacket that clearly won’t make it to the HBO Store, will it? SILICON VALLEY debuts 04.24.16 at 10:00pm.

Following up at 10:30pm on Sunday nights is another go for the award-winning Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the salty mouthed schmucks at VEEP.  Of course, we know that Selina was sitting pretty as the de facto POTUS when a White House data breach scandal hits during all the regular bullshit that happens on a daily basis in that arena. Of course, where there is a political kerfuffle there is Selina with Gary (Tony Hale) not far behind and the other beltway boobs aren’t far behind that. Don’t forget Amy (Anna Chlumsky), Dan (Reid Scott), Mike (Matt Walsh), Sue (Sufe Bradshaw), Ben (Kevin Dunn), Kent (Gary Cole) and yes, even Jonah (Timothy C. Simons).


Together they run things so smoothly, don’t they? Hah!


Top notch! We left this nut bunch on Election Night to see if Meyer’s was going to hold the POTUS position. Filled with hot topics, big guest stars, plenty of F-bombs and all kinds of strategic planning out the wahzoo VEEP returns in rare form. Louis-Dreyfus is excited about it. Let her tell you in this Invitation To The Set piece.


And you should be pissing your pants in anticipation too!


Add to these two great comedies the return of GAME OF THRONES as it goes into uncharted territory with Season Six (airing at 9:00pm) and you have an awesome Sunday night this Spring.

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