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saving-my-tomorrow “Earth is our home. We only have one and if we mess this up… where do we go next? We don’t have another earth right next to us, just in case we lose this one,” says Hippocrates Polemis, an eight-year-old featured in SAVING MY TOMORROW. From the children who will inherit the planet comes a collection of songs, activism and heartfelt tips for protecting the earth. Kids share their thoughts on subjects ranging from endangered animals to climate change, while exploring stories with the museum’s scientists about the plants and animals that are affected by a changing earth. A lyrical mix of science, animation and music, SAVING MY TOMORROW celebrates the wonders of the natural world and is a call from kids to kids to help take care of the planet.

The special and the series feature readings by Alan Cumming, Tina Fey, Liam Neeson, Susan Sarandon, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jeffrey Wright and more, alongside an appearance by Pharrell Williams and musical performances by Lennon & Maisy, Ziggy Marley, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jason Mraz, Willie Nelson, Karen O, Pete Seeger, They Might Be Giants and Dan Zanes. Also featured are scientists from the American Museum of Natural History, who guide kids through rarely seen museum collections, sharing insights about the importance of biodiversity and conservation.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with HBO on this important program highlighting children’s passion for nature and their instinctive sense of responsibility to care for our environment,” says Ellen V. Futter, president of the American Museum of Natural History. “Our children will inherit the planet, so it is only fitting that their thoughts, concerns and inherent love of nature be part of the larger conservation discussion.”

 “This show is for the children, because tomorrow belongs to them,” comments Sheila Nevins, president, HBO Documentary Films. “Their passion will make the difference in saving our planet.” As 12-year-old Zoe says, “The adults clearly aren’t doing enough to stop this, so we have to take it into our own hands.”


Expectations: Wow, does that last quote make you feel ashamed? It should because all is for naught if the planet does not survive. Well, let me clarify that a bit – the planet Earth will survive and adapt into whatever it needs to in order to continue. The question lies more with which species are going to be able to adapt to the changes. How many losses will there be in an adaptive ecosystem? Powerful stuff to consider…   


Gut Reaction:… and I think it totally awesome that the youngsters among us are empowered to ponder it. Heed what they say.  It is a well rounded piece really told in two half hour segments. You will find them on the schedule listed as SAVING MY TOMORROW 01 & 02. No one really stands out here as a series of children and get the chance to speak their minds and express their feelings in song. The shows are supplemented with celebrity voices but it is the kids that really sell the importance of keeping the planet healthy.

Now I know everyone is not on the bandwagon to save the planet. I know some are tired of the “poster children” used to rally to the cause, like the polar bear for example. But we only have this one planet and all species should be able thrive upon her vastness. And children, like the ones seen here, really want the likes of the polar bears to exist here as well.


Bonus: HBO has additional information for those interested…and we all should be. Follow the links to see what connections you can make to become more educated or to help. HBO lists Resources, a Getting Involved Guide and Monthly Eco Tipssaving-my-tomorrow_kid-300x177


In Conclusion: Come on, this writer could easily get up on a soapbox and cram this stuff into you, but you wouldn’t be happy. It is a far better message to let the youth tell you. All I can say is invest in this hour; do it in the two half hour segments if you want, but do it. Again, heed what the children say. They mean it.  

The special debuted MONDAY, DECEMBER 15 but airs on HBOGo and on HBO on 12.18 at 10:15am, 12.20 at 8:30am, 12.23 at 8:00am and 12.25 at 7:30am. SAVING MY TOMORROW continues in 2015 as a four-part series beginning on Earth Day, April 22, exclusively on HBO and will possibly be a huge initiative like the WEIGHT OF THE NATION event was a few years ago.

This topic will not just go away!

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