HBO Documentary Films 2021: Along for the Ride with THE LADY AND THE DALE

HBO kicked off its 2021 Documentary Films lineup this month so, get ready for a year of interesting topics. 2021 begins with THE LADY AND THE DALE featuring the car below and the shady entrepreneur behind it. The documentary runs in four installments and comes from Duplass Bros. Productions. We detailed it in our “What’s On” post of the month. 

This year HBOWatch will return to the format of reviewing each documentary as they come up in the schedule as opposed to running an end-of-the-year recap of the entire library. A look at 2020’s documentary slate will appear soon.  Forthcoming will be two posts beginning with a look at the films of the first six months of 2020 starting with MCMILLION$ and going through WELCOME TO CHECHNYA. The second posting will look at the back half of the year starting with SHOWBIZ Kids through THE ART OF POLITICAL MURDER.

HBO-Documentary-FilmsThis site will review THE LADY AND THE DALE after it concludes later in February. Some topics & titles known to be on the slate this year include the following: FAKE FAMOUS about paying to be made famous on social media; BLACK ART: IN THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT highlighting some African-American artists; COVID DIARIES NYC offering short films about the onset of the pandemic; IN THE SAME BREATH; filmed at the pandemic’s ground zero – Wuhan China; EXTERMINATE ALL THE BRUTES which is a muti-part work about the history of exterminating indigenous people and STREET GANG: HOW WE GOT TO SESAME STREET chronicling the iconic children’s program. Also, along the way, if time permits, we will address HBO Sports Documentaries and HBO Max Documentaries. So, get ready for an interesting year of non-fictional storytelling and investigation as we explore the documentary format in 2021. While you’re at it, stop by and let us know what you like. Do you like the celebrity profiles or the films that get down to the gritty realities of the world? Maybe you prefer the ones that twist the narrative format of the traditional documentary or to get lost in a multi-part docu-series? Whatever your tastes HBO seems to have it and we encourage you to be vocal about it along with us in 2021.  It all starts with THE LADY AND THE DALE. 

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