HBO Documentary Film: FALL TO GRACE


Overview: This documentary traces the former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey’s transformational journey from politics to pulpit as seen through the lens of acclaimed filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi. This chronicles his path from resigning from office and declaring himself as a Gay American on live TV, to divorce, and to a second change.

Falltograce.posterExpectations: I expect a simple recount of history here told in an emotive manner through the lens of one of HBO’s favorite documentarians. Though I don’t remember this news from 2004 I am sure it was a shock to the Garden State when their governor exposed a hidden identity and opened himself up for ridicule and scandal. I’m sure we will see the news footage and plenty of reflection on that moment from McGreevey and then, in his own words, how he reshaped and redefined his life afterwards. I just hope this story holds my interest. It does not seem a sensationalistic piece or one with much compelling footage. Maybe, Mr. McG. has a strong life lesson to teach us. I’ll listen to the man and hear what he has to say. I’ll let you know what I think.

Review: Man that guy loves to hear himself talk and his speech is elegant and descriptive and appropriate for a governor or a priest of which he is neither. Through all he had to say though I didn’t learn anything new. He did, however, reinforce the belief that a person can move from their past and/or their transgressions to come out on the other side a better and/or new person. I believe in that. Plus, I must add I do remember the news once I saw it play out again.JimMcG

Again, this work was not a real compelling piece of footage; I don’t feel it was Ms. Pelosi’s best. She clearly had the opportunity to connect with this once political figure through her connections in that arena. It was bound to be made too as McGreevy admits to his addiction for attention and adoration from the masses. The filmmaker is just feeding his addiction here! In all, this film leaves me indifferent. How about you?    

In Conclusion: Alexandra Pelosi said to ABC News during an interview that “We’re trying to put the idea out there that everyone deserves a second act, everyone deserves redemption. We’ve all made mistakes that we’re not proud of and all think that in this time of the year it’s a good time to talk about getting forgiveness for our sins.” It seems Jim McGreevey is working hard at his second act and good for him.

Other HBO airings: 04.02 at 5:30pm., midnight, 04.06 at 10:00am., 04.10 at 3:00pm, 04.14 at 5:00pm., 04.19 at 6:10am. and 04.23 at 9:00am.

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