HBO Debuts New Behind The Scenes “Game of Thrones” Series


The Seventh Season of Game of Thrones was short and sweet with only seven episodes, the last of which aired last week, leaving a hole in our hearts, and our Sunday night plans. A lot happened in those seven episodes, though, and HBO wants us to know all the work the writers, cast, and other crew members put into making Thrones happen, not mention the fact that HBO is probably aware that we’re all going through a bit of Westeros-withdrawal at the moment. The solution? The Game Revealed is a new, behind-the-scenes series  will show-case the making of Season Seven. The Game Revealed promises exclusive interviews with the cast of Game of Thrones, not to mention behind-the-scenes looks at how the characters and world of Westeros were brought to life through writing, costuming, and special effects. HBO made its first episode of  The Game Revealed available for free on YouTube and Facebook in the past week, although if you like what you see, you’ll have to watch the rest of the series on HBO, HBO Now, or HBO Go. There will be seven episodes in total, which will air weekly on Mondays. It’s a nice way to gain a greater appreciation of Game of Thrones, and also put off having to say goodbye to the show for a little longer.

Because Game of Thrones is so immersive, often it’s easy to get lost in the world we see on our screens and forget all the effort that goes on behind the lens of the camera. With The Game Revealed, we get a chance to see what it’s like putting together such a massive, impressive TV show. With the final season of the show approaching, it seems appropriate to take some time to celebrate the hard work of everyone who has been involved.

See the first episode below:

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