HBO Confirms The Leftovers Season 2 Premiere Date


Are you still hungry for another helping of leftovers? HBO is looking to serve up a freshly rebooted series to you on October 4th, 2015. Will we find out what The Departure really was this season? Almost certainly not but we can hope to get a few clues that, at the very least make us stop and think.

HBOs fall schedule is looking a bit depressed at the moment. While there are a pair of mini-series and a few other smaller series, The Leftovers is actually the “biggest” launch we’ll see until 2016 after True Detective stops airing in two weeks. This is a departure from fall of 2014 where we still had The Newsroom and Boardwalk Empire bringing in bigger audiences.

We’ll just have to hope that Westworld makes it through production in time for a January premiere date otherwise we’ll all be waiting until Spring of 2016 for another HBO flagship series to make landing.

The Leftovers season 2 will premiere on October 4th and who knows, maybe this reboot will bring the masses and it will become the next big thing for HBO. We’ll see you this fall for that answer.


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