People_KattWilliamsRight off the bat let me affirm that yes, as a comedic talent Katt Williams is pretty priceless. We gave you the heads up that his comedy special was going to premiere and it did do that with a title change. All of a sudden it became KATT WILLIAMS: PRICELESS: AFTERLIFE. Whatever, I think maybe at some point he had the epiphany that all was going well enough post incarceration that he is a new man reborn. Bottom line is it makes good comedy.

The 59-minute routine was a fast paced riff on how we need to just laugh it off. Williams himself, even after being arrested “5 times in 5 cities in 5 days” laughs it off as he mentions his criminal exploits a bit. The diminutive manic comic also talks about atheists,  his favorite reality TV show, injustices, prescription drug commercials, weed dispensaries and of course the usual topics for many a comedian which are racial differences and the love of female specific anatomy. And he does it all while pacing the entire stage at a frantic clip to the point of having a wardrobe malfunction. This little dude has energy to burn! But Katt is actually a character made large and you realize this upon meeting the real Katt Williams in  instances like the clip below.

The special debuted on 08.16 and airs a number of times across the HBO, HBO2 and HBO Comedy channels and on HBOGO. It is directed by Spike Lee who also directed the Mike Tyson special and has other comedy specials he forthcoming. Katt Williams is a energetic personality on the stage and Lee caught every moment. And though Williams isn’t afraid to talk about anything he really isn’t vulgar for vulgarity’s sake. Yes, he slings around those rougher words, but they are just filler, really and nothing that hits you as offensive. Even when he talks about sex and praises the female form he doesn’t go over the top with it. I realize that is all a matter of opinion and you can’t judge by the trailer because it edits around that stuff.

Check it out you just might laugh your ass off. I did. From the white lion in the beginning to the notion that we are all priceless stated at the end you will see that KATT WILLIAMS: PRICELESS: AFTERLIFE is a great addition to HBO’s comedy line-up. I don’t care if he has anger management issues. I don’t care whether he has drug issues and a rap sheet. I can get past that and just enjoy his sense of humor because we all just need to laugh it off. Now how about it?

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